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5 inch Mini Steamroller Glass Pipe
5 inch Mini Steamroller Glass Pipe
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5 inch Mini Steamroller Glass Pipe

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Grav Labs NAMNPI10430
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  • Product Description

    Grav Labs - Mini Steamroller Glass Pipe

    This effective and high quality glass pipe is extremely stylish and packs a serious punch. It's made of borosilicate glass. This is a special kind of glass that is treated with a chemical called boron. This makes the glass heat resistant which is a must for all smoking appliances. When glass is heated it can become more brittle which can lead to it breaking easier. So it's important to make sure your glass appliance is made of borosilicate glass. The pipe is also equipped with a mouthpiece that catches ash. This eliminates the possibility of the dirty ash reaching your mouth and possibly being inhaled. The pipe has an ingenious design that is compact and high-quality. This really could be the best steamroller on the market today! It's clean and reliable and would hold its own in any smokers collection!

    To use the product you simply fill the bowl with your herbal mixture. Its best to have your mixture grinded up so that it burns more evenly. Then you put the mouthpiece to your mouth and lit the product and inhale. You will receive a good clean hit that will definitely hit the spot!

    The piece is finished with the notorious and high-quality Grav labs logo which ensures to you that this piece has been made with professionalism and quality at heart. The logo comes in a variety of colours, these are black, white, red, green and blue. Grav Labs have proven time and time again through their extensive glass catalogue that they can produce a reliable and quality product. You can really see the thought and hard work that they put into the creation of this product. When buying Grav Lab you can rest assured you will be buying a fantastic product!