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8.75" Helix Beaker Water Pipe
8.75" Helix Beaker Water Pipe
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8.75" Helix Beaker Water Pipe

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Grav Labs NAMNBG11086
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In a Nutshell
  • Helix Flute percolator
  • Beaker base for big capacity
  • 5mm thick glass!

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  • Product Description

    8.75" Helix Beaker Water Pipe | Grav Labs

    The 8.75" Helix Beaker Water Pipe is one of the most unique items out there for the true smokers. The 8.75" Helix Beaker Water Pipe is designed with maximizing the capacity of the bong with small space in mind. It has a really wide beaker base and a tapered spot at the top which means that you now have plenty of space for you to burn your herbs up and then blow it completely clear for a huge hit. Between the two different areas is the unique Helix Flute which will cool and then help clean the smoke to keep you safe from the harmful bits of the smoke! A 14.5mm female joint is fitted on the removable diffused down stem. That is just one of the many features that the 8.75" Helix Beaker Water Pipe has in store for its user. For such a small bit of glass it sure is a complex piece of work!

    Efficient with its Glass

    An ingenious design of the bong lets it efficiently put a huge amount of cooling  into a tiny and efficient kit. The amazing design with it’s long beaker base and tapered top part makes sure that your smoke is cool by the time it reaches your lips. Guaranteed to give you a cool hit every time - Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!

    Helix Flute

    The Helix Flute makes sure that that when you rip into your bong the smoke gets cool when it reaches your throat, so that it can help to stop all the coughing and discomfort that comes along with bongs when the smoke isn't cooled enough. So if you can guarantee that there's no coughing then your bong automatically goes to the next level as this can be a deterrent for people buying bongs. When you hit your bong, the flute will break apart your hit into tiny little bundles. This then increases the surface area so that it can work on it longer than it should, guaranteeing a cold hit! Mmmm!

    Grav Labs

    Grav Labs has a world renowned reputation when it comes to glass. Everything they make is really something special. There is an endless list of incredible glass bongs and glass pipes that Grav Lab's have created, all of which could probably make a lot of peoples top ten smoking products of all time and if there wasn't at least one Grav Lab's product there then their probably never used a Grav Lab's product. The 8.75" Helix Beaker Water Pipe has to be up there in the top ten Grav Lab's products so make it buy it and add it to your collection. It has to be one of the best looking bongs that are on offer worldwide right now. The shape of the bong makes it really special and really eye catching. You wouldn't be able to scroll past a bong of this shape and not be interested in it which really helps it stand out, especially in comparison to the other Grav Labs bongs. So get your credit card and treat yourself today!

  • Technical Specifications
    diameter 60mm
    diffuser Yes
    glass thickness 5mm
    ice notch No
    joint Female
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    percolator Yes