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8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong Blue
8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong
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8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong

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Grace Glass NAMNBG12640
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  • Product Description

    This beautiful 8 arm tree percolator bong from Grace Glass is manufactured to the highest standard from 4mm thick borosilicate glass. A stunning glass piece with a beakered bottom and a selection of options with which to make your session even better, this is a top option bong for everyone!

    The waterpipe features a precision-made 8 arm tree-style percolator which filters the smoke into smaller bubbles giving you a smooth, cool hit. The action can be further cooled by the addition of a handful of ice cubes inserted into the main cylinder. The cleverly situated ice notches will hold the ice in place, allowing you to enjoy a frosty, smooth blast of smoke. Rather than having to maneuver ice into the bottom of your bong, you can place and replace the ice as you see fit and as the smoke passes it will slowly melt meaning you can remove it alongside your water afterward!

    The bong stands 350mm tall on a large beaker base. The huge beaker capacity means that this bong delivers a huge hit of smoke each hit. This also means it will be unlikely to fall, a benefit to every bong owner! As this quickly becomes your favorite bong, the last thing you want is to have to deal with the heartbreak of it smashing! A beaker base means a lower center of gravity, and less likelihood of it tipping. Another benefit to that is less spillage, there are few things worse than spilling a bong all over yourself!

    The clear glass bong is decorated with a colored glass mouthpiece, bowl, perc, and splashguard. A lovely looking waterpipe, this glass piece is available in blue or green accents. Regardless of color preference, this will be a standout in any bong collection easily. A fan favorite, and with good reason!


  • Technical Specifications
    brand Grace Glass
    diffuser Slitted
    downstem length 111mm
    glass thichness 4mm
    height 341mm
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Straight
    percolator Tree Percolator