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All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong
All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong

All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong

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Black Leaf NAMNBG10990
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  • Product Description


    Black Leaf - All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong


    With a reputation for high quality low budget products, Black Leaf always seem to deliver consistently brilliant bongs of all types whether it be ice bong or a percolator bong which the All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong is. This bong is particularly brilliant as it can be used for either dry herbs or if you wish concentrates. This bong could be one of the best bongs out there for numerous reasons but as with all black Leaf products the first thing you noticed is the style. While not as flashy as some of the others in Black leaf's bong collection.All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong is flashy in it's own way. The clear glass is a marvel to behold its that clear and the beaker base doesn't only look good but it helps filter your smoke for the healthiest session possible.


    It stands at a super 35cm tall which makes it one of Black leafs tallest bongs, this  bong comes with a tree percolator that has 6 arms. The percolator diffuses the smoke so that it expends the surface area of the smoke allowing it to be easily filtered so that its easier to take the hit from the bong without having to think about the all the coughing that usually comes with taking a hit from a piping hot bong. This allows the smoothest hit you could imagine from a bong so once you use a percolator bong like Black Leaf's All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong there's no going back to using regular bongs ever again i can assure you! Seems like Black Leaf is going stride to stride popping out these amazing bongs that anyone would be lucky to have and thank you Black Leaf for setting such an amazing price not just on the All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong but on all your products.

    Why this Bong?

    This masterpiece of a bong brought to you by Black Leaf comes complete with a bowl used for herbs, one strictly for oil use only, a splash guard thats there to protect you herb or oil from getting wet from the water inside the bong and finally an ice notch. You can clearly see from just by looking at the bong that it is really thick glass being used which means that you don't really have to be overly careful when you are using or cleaning it as it would be able to survive a knock or two so don't worry. This means that as soon as you take the All Purpose Boxed Perc Bong out of the box you are able to use it.

    The box is classic Black Leaf, simply white and black with the Black Leaf logo right on the front of it. Style is key don't forget! 

    So be sure to pick up your bong today because they might not last!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Black Leaf
    diffuser Slitted
    downstem length 91mm
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    mouthpiece Straight
    percolator Tree Percolator