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BL' 'Silly Skin' Cylinder Bong with Silicone Skin Blue
BL' 'Silly Skin' Cylinder Bong with Silicone Skin
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BL' 'Silly Skin' Cylinder Bong with Silicone Skin

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Black Leaf NAMNBG10963
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  • Product Description
    These classic straight bongs has been given a bit of a different look by Black Leaf thanks to a few silicone parts placed in keys areas where more grip is extremely useful. There is a silicone ring around the base which makes it much more stable and grips whatever surface it is sitting on really well. There are also two 'swiss-cheesed' silicone wraps around the bowl section and around the top of the tube, the two places you are most likely to pick it up from. The removable downstem has a 14.4mm female ground glass joint and they include a 14.4mm male bowl with roll stops to finish it off. They have also fitted a side mounted carb hole for when you want to take quick hits back to back.