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Black Leaf Glass Bong Ice LED-Light neon Green
Black Leaf Glass Bong Ice LED-Light neon
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Black Leaf Glass Bong Ice LED-Light neon

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Black Leaf NAMNBG11011
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In a Nutshell
  • Neon colored glass
  • LED lighting
  • Ice Pinch

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  • Product Description

    Black Leaf Glass Bong Ice LED-Light Neon

    Light up bongs. You read that right. No need to read over it again. These bongs are crazy. Being made in Germany (As most high quality smoking products seem to be nowadays), it was created with borosilicate glass, as are all modern day high standard glass bongs made from, but they have added incredibly strong and beautiful LEDs that are attached to the bottom of the base of the bong which come together with the neon finish on the bong just to make sure that you can ever lose as it's so bright you could probably see it from space. You will be enthralled and will enthrall others.


    Really strong structure, looks amazing and has an ice notch to keep you from all the coughing and spluttering that usually goes with taking hits from a bong what more could you ask for in a bong!? They are made by who else but Black Leaf. Black Leaf are storming their way through the global bong scene with their amazing and unique products and the Glass Bong Ice LED-Light neon does not break that trend as it takes your breath away at first sight. It works just as well as it looks you will all be very happy to know. It wouldn't be a Black leaf product if they didn't offer you a huge amount of variants as there are five different colors to choose from including: Red, Blue, Black, Green and Orange. You'll never feel restricted thanks to the removable down stem having a 18.8mm male joint and 18.8mm female. There is also no denying the fact that a light up bong is cool. Whip this bad boy out at a party, dim the lights and let the good times roll.



    There is also an ice notch if you ever wanted to get some ice cubes and put them down the tube to help cool and filter the smoke you receive after you hit the bong and the glass is 5mm thick so you know that even if it were to fall over once or twice you can be sure that it will survive. Thick glass is key as too many bongs are now trying to using thinner glass to save money but not Black Leaf! They know that it should always be quality first regardless of costs There's also a carb hole right in the center of the bong so that even if you are left handed or your right handed you will be able to use this bong extremely easily. The lights can be easily removed to you don't have to worry about breaking them when you are cleaning them. So if you want to stand out and catch the eye of anyone within close range get the Black Leaf Glass Bong Ice LED-Light neon and nobody could truthfully be able to say they didn't see you! There are also seven different light features can you can play around with so make sure to use the Glass Bong Ice LED-Light neon as much as possible when you get it to make sure you check everything out!

  • Technical Specifications
    diameter 4.5cm
    diffuser No
    downstem length 13cm
    glass thickness 5mm
    ice notch Yes
    includes Downstem & Bowl
    joint Female
    joint angle 60 degrees
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Borosilicate Glass
    percolator No