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Bong 1000 Blue Series
Bong 1000 Blue Series
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Bong 1000 Blue Series

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Roor NAMNBG14676
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In a Nutshell
  • Various water capacity
  • Straight Mouthpiece
  • No ice notches

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  • Product Description

    Roor UK - The 1000 Blue Series Bong

    The Roor 1000 Blue Logo Series is the pinnacle of their affordable, basic tube styled bongs. Like many of the numbered collections, these are no frills bongs that that are more dependable than anything and will fit into your life and your smoking habits like a dream. No other bong maker on the UK market can match up to the sheer quality of Roor. Roor are renown for their simple yet perfectly built bongs.

    The bongs in the 1000 Blue series stands at over 450mm high and are made from more than 3mm thick glass. The diffuser-less downstem is very long and comes with an extra-long bowl with it. This gives the smoke just a little bit of extra cooling time before it reaches the water, which just helps to give you a smoother draw overall. The bowl itself also comes with one of Roor’s glass gauges for easy cleaning and a cleaner pull overall. A hefty and impressive pipe, the Roor has an 18mm ground glass connection in order to be able to support some of the larger accessories like good, percolated ashcatchers if needs be.

    With a straight styled bong, you typically get a much smoother hit, but with the Roor 1000 Blue, at the very last second before reaching your mouth, the smoke is suddenly hit by a slightly narrower mouthpiece. Now, really, this was probably designed to just give you a smaller mouthpiece to wrap your mouth around, but it also has the benefit of giving your smoke one last push of pressure to give it a little punchiness for when it finally hits your lungs.

    The hexagonal base flares out evenly and, since this is a straight styled tube bong, this creates a very stable bottom to the bong and will help it keep steady as it’s being passed around the table. It’s terribly well balanced, so all those knocks it’s going to take during its daily abuse won’t be enough to just knock it over. That, combined with a pretty good thickness in the glass means this bong won’t be breaking anytime soon. Sure, brand names like these going for a little bit more, but it’s that quality you’re investing in. If you buy cheap, you buy twice as they always say.

    Roor was founded all the way back in1980’s so they’ve had a lot of experience in the industry in making sure they’ve got some of the best bongs out there. The company is German and it was started by a glassblower named Martin Birzle and since then Roor has stood as one of the epitomes of just quality scientific glass construction. For connoisseurs looking for a more extreme hit try the massive cylinder of the Roor Bong Blue 1000. In terms of stability, functionality and just general aesthetics, you can’t go wrong with one of these fantastic Roor bongs. If there’s any criteria for what could be considered a good water pipe, this series of dependable Roor models passes all of them with spades.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Roor
    diameter 66mm
    glass thichness 3.1mm
    height 451mm
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Pinched