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Bong Fairmaster 5mm Rasta Logo
Bong Fairmaster 5mm Rasta Logo
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Bong Fairmaster 5mm Rasta Logo

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Roor NAMNBG14718
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In a Nutshell
  • 55cm Tall
  • 5mm Glass thickness
  • 18.8mm Female joint

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  • Product Description

    As you have have guessed from it's name this bong has a unique style to it's logo which really add's to the design and also the feel of your smoking session. This Roor bong has the normal Roor logo written down the side of the bong but this one is a little different than the normal ones as this logo has been done with the Rasta colors. The red, yellow and green make this bong just pop! It catches your no matter what and of course this Fairmaster 5mm with Rasta Logo Bong has been made with the same care and detail as all of the other Roor bongs that have graced the smoking scene. Roor has truly taken over the bong game. Only the highest and purest quality of borosilicate glass is used when they created this bong and Roor bongs are known by glass experts all over the world for their workmanship and the amazing detail that goes into everyone of their bongs.


    The Roor Bong Fairmaster stands at a mighty 55cm tall which brings it just over half a meter making a monster of a bong as well as having incredibly thick 5mm glass.The 5mm thick glass is extremely important as if it were any thinner than it was it would become real simple to smash it quite easily but with the 5mm thick glass you can rest assured that the Fairmaster 5mm with Rasta Logo Bong should be able to surive a few knock on the regular.A bistable joint as standard(on all Roor Bongs of 3.2mm or above) comes with it and also available with an 18.8 size of joint. The ice notch lets you slide down some ice cubes so that when you take a rip from the Fairmaster 5mm with Rasta Logo Bong its not so hot that you start coughing and spluttering missing out on all of the lovely smoke you could have inhaled. Instead it enhances the hit and cools it down so that its easier to take your hit and also it helps to filter the smoke before you inhale it making it a healthier option if you want to go to the effort of making ice cubes which you really should as the ice cubes are such a game changer that you might never take a hit from a bong again without having to add in some ice cubes first. For stability,reliability, extremely high quality and unrivaled functionality, you simply just cannot improve on Roor bongs that are German made so don't even try to compete with them!


    The Fairmaster 5mm with Rasta Logo Bong shows off exactly what Roor are capable of. No other company on earth has the same quality bongs that Roor has. It truly feels like a gift to be living in such a time that we can easily get our hands on such high quality glass at such low prices and delivered right to your door so please don't take Roor for granted right now! 

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Roor
    downstem length 111mm
    glass thichness 5mm
    height 541mm
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Straight