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Coloured Acrylic Double Bubble Bong Clear Ireland
Coloured Acrylic Double Bubble Bong
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Coloured Acrylic Double Bubble Bong

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Basil Bush NAMNBG11459
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  • Product Description

    Coloured Acrylic Double Bubble Bong


    A really fun and a very functional bong at what is actually a very affordable price point. With the Double Bubble bong, what you’re getting is a strong swirling to your smoke which aerates it very well with the water without the need for a percolator.

    Features of this Bong

    Let’s talk about some of the stats that make up the piece. The bong is over 390mm overall and made of of sturdy acrylic that won’t taint the taste of your smoke. A lot of manufacturers go for glass over acrylic for the purity of taste but acrylic is much stronger and, with the amount of quality in the materials, your smoke will still be tasting delicious.

    What you’re also seeing there is an ice twist right at the top of your bong as opposed to the ice pinch. You’ll have plenty of room there for a good amount of ice to cool your smoke and the reason they’ve probably gone for a twist over a pinch is that it just adds an extra layer of fun to the piece.

    Style and Design

    Bongs like these are perfect for parties. Their bright, colourful, fun to use, but moreover they’re strong so if one of your friends is a bit clumsy it won’t really matter too much because it’s made from acrylic. It doesn’t have to just be for parties though as the piece is small enough that it makes for great use by yourself for casual, couch use.

    So, Why this Bong?

    Apart from the attractive price tag, why else should you own this bong you ask?Well did we mention the stability of this piece is second to none. It’s got a strong foundation to it and adding rubber to the mouthpiece really adds to its protection and ease of use. Moreover, with a double bubble like this, you can afford to really fill it up with water if you want and get the most out of your filtration. The bubbles will force the smoke into a journey before it reaches your mouthpiece anyway so you can afford to get some good filtration and airiness before then.


  • Technical Specifications
    brand Basil Bush
    height 391mm
    joint Female
    material Acrylic
    mouthpiece Rubber, Straight