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Custom Blue.500 Bong 18.8mm Daisies Logo Series
Custom Blue.500 Bong 18.8mm Daisies Logo Series
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Custom Blue.500 Bong 18.8mm Daisies Logo Series

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Roor NAMNBG11519
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In a Nutshell
  • Classic Straight Bong Design
  • German hand-made glass
  • Big Capacity for Big Hitters

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  • Product Description

    Custom Blue.500 Bong 18.8mm Daisies Logo Series


    Roor (also spelled RooR) makes a lot of the most incredible bongs in the smoking scene right now. A company that was originally founded in 1995 by a German glassblower named Martin Birzle is hasn't stopped growing since. The company then quickly started to get a good reputation for their top notch borosilicate glass which the best bongs are made out of. The Custom Blue.500 Bong 18.8mm Daisies Logo Series is obviously no different in terms of glass quality and if anything I would say that this bong has only added to the already amazing reputation the Roor has been able to build up through the years since it was founded.


    The part of the bong that really stands out and sets it apart from the rest of Roor's bong is the Daisies logo.The daisies logo replaces the usually jet black logo that is now an iconic part of the Roor bong. Tiny little daisies are dotted inside the "Roor" on the bong and he yellow from the flower really makes the Custom Blue.500 Bong 18.8mm Daisies Logo Series stand apart from all the other custom bongs that are available not just online but from around the world. Once you see that "Roor" written down the side of a bong you know you will be in store for a good time. Roor knows that most people who buy their bongs are doing for one reason and one reason only; simplicity. Anyone from a beginner to a expert would be able to just put up this water pipe and be able to immediately go on a smoking session with no hassle. It really is so simple to use and it does help cut down on all the spluttering and coughing that is the usually carry on when you try and take a rip from a piping hot bong. So enjoy and good luck to you!

    Style and Design

    This Custom Blue.500 Bong 18.8mm Daisies Logo Series also has a hexagon base which is the best shape you can have as a base if you want the base to help increase the stability. Also a hexagon shaped based also looked the best out of the the bong bases you may come across.This is a bong for users with all kinds experiences and learning how to use this bong to maximum effect takes no time at all. So make sure that you pick your's up today because chances are that if you were to wait then most, if not all, of the Custom Blue.500 Bong 18.8mm Daisies Logo Series would be out of stock so please hurry and buy it while you can! You will be enthralled with how clear and beautiful the glass Roor used to make this bong. Windows aren't as clear as these Roor bongs are so you will be turly amazed at the sight. What makes Roor so successful with all their products is a mixture of how good the borosilicate glass looks, the simplicity in which their bongs can be used nearly straight out of the box.


  • Technical Specifications
    diffuser Yes
    glass thickness 3.2mm
    ice notch No
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Borosilicate Glass
    percolator No