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Custom Little Sista Ice Bong 18.8mm Woodgrain Logo Series
Custom Little Sista Ice Bong 18.8mm Woodgrain Logo Series
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Custom Little Sista Ice Bong 18.8mm Woodgrain Logo Series

Roor NAMNBG11537
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  • Huge Capacity Beaker Bong
  • German hand-made glass
  • Custom Logo Design

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  • Product Description

    Roor (also spelled RooR) are known to make some the best glass water pipes around and not just in looks but also in function as well. They were originally founded all the way back in 1995 by a German man. He was a glassblower named Martin Birzle. The company started to quickly get a reputation for stupidly high quality borosilicate glass which is what nearly all of the Roor bongs are made out of as it it increased the quality of the glass as well as making it look marvelous.


    The Little Sista Ice Bong is the bong that really stands out among the Roor product collection and it's incredibly easy to see why the Custom Little Sista Ice Bong is the most popular bong that Roor has brought out. The logo is the main way in which that Roor can make a one of their glass water pipes stand out from the rest of the bongs on the market, the Little Sista features a really cool Wood Grain color  logo which gives the glass water pipe a retro feel to it. The Custom Little Sista Ice Bong also has a beaker base that the bottom of the bong which helps to increase the capacity of water and smoke that it can hold and it also increases how stable the bong is ass the beaker base makes the Custom Little Sista Ice Bong very bottom heavy making it hard to tip over and smash. The increase in the water capacity can also help to increase the amount of cooling the smoke can receive before you take a hit from the glass water pipe and it can also increase the amount of filtration that the bong can do and the increased in the smoking capacity allows the user to take even larger rips from the glass water pipe that you would expect. Its a rather small product as you can easily carry the glass around with you but please don't be fooled! The Little Sista really packs a punch and you will love it immensely once you try in the first time! This glass water pipe is definitely suitable for beginners as well and experts so don't worry about it if you are new to the bong game! Make sure that you don't stop here by checking out the rest of the Roor collection as you wouldn't want to miss out on any of their products!

  • Technical Specifications
    diffuser Yes
    glass thickness 4mm
    ice notch Yes
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Borosilicate Glass
    percolator No