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Eggbong Ice Bubble Bong
Eggbong Ice Bubble Bong
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Eggbong Ice Bubble Bong

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G-Spot NAMNBG11859
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  • Product Description

    Eggbong Ice Bubble Bong


    G-Spot has taken their normal beaker bong and shaken it up. They switched out the beaker for an egg-shaped chamber. The egg-shaped base allows for more water to help filter and cool your smoke, plus it increases the size of the chamber, meaning you can take even bigger rips and make even bigger clouds. Like all G-SPot bongs, it is made of German borosilicate glass so you know it will be tough. It also has a removable diffused downstem with 18.8mm ground glass joint and comes complete with matching 18.8mm male slide. This is the Eggbong, and it's ready to scramble your mind!

    Design of the Bong

    The Eggbong comes with a gorgeous base design, which is where it gets its name. This oval space means it can hold a larger amount of water, granting even cooler hits and some massive filtration to remove any toxins from the combustion process. As well as this, the diffuser at the end of the downstem is ready to shoot the smoke to the bottom of your water to improve your session tenfold! Forcing the smoke to break up through the diffuser, this helps it cool faster as the mass breaks up further

    Additional Features

    The Eggbong also contains an ice pinch, a personal favorite feature of mine. Simply drop a few ice cubes into your bong through the mouthpiece and watch as your sessions get next level chill. As the smoke rises the ice cools it further, and as the ice melts it drops down into the water ensuring that it stays nice and cold too!

    Although it has a quite rounded section for your water, Grace Glass have come through with a nice flat base that reaches wide enough to make sure the Eggbong has a good center of gravity. No need to worry about potentially knocking it over, this baby is steady as a rock!


  • Technical Specifications
    Base Diameter 13cm
    Bong Joint Size Female 18.8mm
    Bowl Joint Size Male 18.8mm
    Diameter 60mm
    Diffuser Yes
    Glass Wall Thickness 3.5mm
    Height 50cm
    Ice Notch Yes
    Logo Color Gold
    Percolator No
    Style Bubble