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Glass Blunt
Glass Blunt

Glass Blunt

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Grav Labs NAMNPI17023
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  • Product Description

    Glass Blunt

    Such an innovative product it lets you enjoy your herb without process of rolling a paper joint. You simple push herb into the small glass tube, and then spark up!

    Paperless Blunts

    Heat resistant borosilicate glass with a sliding feature to make sure that you have the right amount of herb. The Glass blunt, a 10.5cm long glass pipe with a mouthpiece. The shape of the mouthpiece makes sure that it burns slowly so you can pass it around.

    Easy To Clean

    Simply push your herb blend into it. Once your done, all you is gently flick the ash out.

    Grav Labs

    Sick of smoking the same way again and again? Then look no farther!.

    It is such an eye catching product you have to buy it! Its a great icebreaker and if you took it to party everyone will be interested.