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Glass Bong Kooler
Glass Bong Kooler

Glass Bong Kooler

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Black Leaf NAMNBG12448
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  • Product Description

    The Glass Bong Kooler from Black Leaf works nearly the same kind of way as one of these bucket bongs, but the Glass Bong Kooler is undoubtedly so much better than any bucket bong. Black Leaf always seem to find a way to excite and perplex their customers at the same time. This time they have taken away all that hassle that came along with having to breath in constantly to fill the chamber with smoke. Now all of that has been replaced with an incredibly smooth pull and then all you have to do is release to and then you can enjoy all the lovely smoke the Glass Bong Kooler has in store for you. So through away your papers, pipes and bongs because once you realize just how easy it is to use the Glass Bong Kooler you will quickly fall in love with it.


    The Glass Bong Kooler is a stylish bottomless bottle with a bowl to throw your herb in at the top of it. It comes in two pieces and the other is basically a glass jug that you fill with water and then you get your bottomless bottle. The bottle helps to give you the smoothest pull you could ever imagine. It looks like magic what you use the Glass Bong Kooler. The smoke moves in such a way that you might wonder if it the smoke has a life of its own. It not only does it looks cooler than taking a massive rip from a bong but it can also be a lot easier if you were to use the Glass Bong Kooler correctly. Once you feel the smoke hit the back of your throat then you will know what you paid all your money for. It has this wonderful black Black Leaf logo written across the side of the glass bottle in a really interesting and eye catching font that really add's to the high quality finish that all smoking connoisseur. The glass jug has a plastic black rim around the bottom of the jug. The glass bottle also has a plastic black rim around the base of the bottle and also the top of the bottle has a black cork that the bowl for your herb sits in. The black writing and the rims really add to the whole design and feel of the Glass Bong Kooler while the black goes in contrast to the whiteness of the bottle when any amount of light hits it.


    This will of course probably end up being a party piece you use to show of to your friends just how cool you actually are but it just looks fabulous so it will look great for any and all glass collectors out there! So make sure to whip it out every chance you get so that you can be sure the spotlight will be on you when you hit the Glass Bong Kooler. So enjoy and don't forget that it works wonders!