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G Pen Elite Vaporizer Namaste Ireland
G Pen Elite Vaporizer
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G Pen Elite Vaporizer

4.5 stars, based on 39 reviews
Grenco Science NAMNVA12276
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  • Product Description

     G Pen Elite Vaporizer

    Introducing the newest vaporizer by Grenco Science (who also make the G Pro and G Pen vaporizers) the incredible G Pen Elite.  This portable conduction vaporizer can boast the largest all-ceramic heating chamber on the vaporizer market. The innovative 360 heating element ensures that a quick and even conduction vaporization is attained from all sides. Temperature control is now even easier as the G Pen Elite vape allows you to program your desired temperature between 200° - 428°F (93° - 220°C). This contemporary and ingenious technology opens up an entirely new vaporizing experience with an unrivaled performance, taste, and effects almost guaranteed!


    best value G Pen elite UK

    G Pen Elite Vaporizer Design

    The G Pen Elite is both stylish and stealthy with its sleek and subtle design. The unit is small and portable with a smooth tactile feeling with a combination of gloss finishes and soft-touch textures on the vaporizer. This vaporizer is not all about looks however, it also excels in performance. The Grenco G Pen Elite vaporizer is engineered for performance, portability and style.


    G Pen Elite's New Technology

    The G Pen Elite offers us custom temperature settings via simple controls and a LED display that shows both temperature and battery life. The temperature controls and the LED display for the temperature are discretely on the side of the unit. The LED also displays the units battery life at all times.  Regardless of having one of the largest chambers on the market, the G Pen Elite vaporizer showcases it's strengths as it can heat up in only 30 seconds, so make sure to pack the chamber for the best results! This is down to the G Pen Elite's fully ceramic chamber which heats evenly from all sides, resulting in it being both more energy efficient and providing excellent and even conduction vaporization. The G Pen Elite vape packs a lot of technological achievements and performance in such a small case.


    G Pen Elite Vape: What We Love!

    • Fully equipped LED display system makes setting vaping temperature/charging much easier and accessible
    • The temperature setting is fully adjustable
    • Quick heat up time - can reach 400 Fahrenheit in 20-30 seconds
    • Small, discreet and highly portable


      Verdict  - Score 8.5/10.0

      In its price range it is the best portable vaporizer available. Its size is ideal for vaporizing when you're out and about.


      How to use the G Pen Elite Vape

      Charging the G Pen Elite could not be any easier, simply connect via Micro USB cable (which is provided with all units sold) and charge the vaporizer for 3 hours. In order to pack the chamber remove the mouthpiece (Grab mouthpiece from either side and pull upwards). Load the chamber with your herbs, the G Pen Elite is specifically good for using dry herbs. It's important to fully pack the chamber for best results and the best vapor. To turn on the G Pen Elite, press the power button 5 times, to switch it back off, press the power button another five times. You can then select your desired temperature by programming it into the vaporizer using the buttons on the side. Once the temperature has been decided, the power button must be held down for one second in order for the Vaporizer to start heating. The unit will begin to heat and you can track the temperature using the LED display, once the desired temperature is reached, it's time to begin your session. We recommend taking light puffs from this unit for best results!

      G Pen Ireland

      NamasteVapes is proud to be able to bring vaporizers that are built and manufactured across the world, right to your doorstep in Ireland. Like what you are reading about the G Pen so far? Live in Ireland? Then we have got your back! Order the G Pen Vaporizer in Ireland right now! NamasteVapes guarantees discreet and quick shipping. 

      Included with the G Pen Vape Ireland:

      • 1 x G Pen Elite Vaporizer
      • 1 x G Grinder Card
      • 1 x G Pen Tool
      • 1 x USB Charging Cable
      • 1 x G Cleaning Brush
      • 1 Year Warranty (Electronic Components)
    • Technical Specifications
      activation Session
      average battery life 1 - 2 hours
      battery recharge time 3 hours
      chamber material Ceramic
      delivery method Direct Pull
      delivery path material Stainless Steel
      designed for Dry Herb
      designed in California
      dimensions 1.25" (w) x .9" (d) x 4.25" (h)
      dry herb capacity 0.75 grams
      heating element Ceramic
      heating source Battery
      heating type Hybrid
      heat up time 30 seconds
      highest temperature 428 °F
      lowest temperature 200 °F
      manufactured by Grenco Science
      manufactured in China
      mouthpiece material Plastic
      released 2016-02-01
      temperature settings Variable (Digital)
      warranties 1 year warranty for the electronics
      weight 88.0 grams