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Hangover Ice Tube Bong
Hangover Ice Tube Bong
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Hangover Ice Tube Bong

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G-Spot NAMNBG12770
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  • Product Description

    Hangover Ice Tube Bong

    Like it's name suggests, the Hangover isn't really sure whether it is a straight bong, a wave bong or a flash bong. It started as a straight tube but was bent and twisted to make it not quite what it was to start with. Like all G-Spot bongs it has a diffused down stem to help filter and cool the smoke, but it also has a three prong ice pinch so you can take your experience super cool if you want to. Made of German borosillicate glass it is sure to be tough and sturdy. The downstem is constructed with an 18.8mm female ground glass joint and the piece comes complete with an 18.8mm male slide.

    Why a G Spot Bong?

    G-Spot are constantly pushing the boundaries regarding bong design and the Hangover bong is no exception to that rule! With a fun base, it's very representative of how your night is going to go after a few hits from this baby! Interesting to look at and very eye-catching, all your friends will be dying to try it. And unlike, an actual hangover, you won't have a horrible taste after or a sore head in the morning!

    Thanks to a diffused downstem forcing the smoke into the water, the smoke is forced to break up into smaller particles before being filtered thoroughly by the cool water at the base. The diffuser works very well to ensure you get deliciously cool smoke every time! Thanks to the curvature of the bong, the smoke is made move around and cover different areas of mass. If you're looking for some tasty chilled smoke without crazy frills or novelty additions, this piece is your dream.

    Sturdy and ready to withstand all kinds of bumps and knocks, this will be a piece that lasts in your collection for years to come. That is, as long as you don't wear it out from overuse!


  • Technical Specifications
    Base Diameter 13cm
    Bong Joint Size Female 18.8mm
    Bowl Joint Size Male 18.8mm
    Diameter 50mm
    Diffuser Yes
    Glass Wall Thickness 3.5mm
    Height 50cm
    Ice Notch Yes
    Logo Color Gold
    Percolator No
    Style Tube