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Kandypen Prism

Kandypen Prism Black
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Kandypens Prism Mouthpiece
Kandypens Prism Mouthpiece
Head Chef Razor Grinder/Sifter 50mm
Head Chef Razor Grinder/Sifter 50mm
Grizzly Cleaning Solution
Grizzly Cleaning Solution
Kandypens Prism Ceramic Coil
Kandypens Prism Ceramic Coil
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The KandyPens Prism

Released in 2017, the KandyPen Prism Vaporizer is considered to be a dark horse in the vaping community, this slimline vaporizer is not only very affordable, but also gives off the impression of a premium vaporizer. This wax pen is a worthwhile investment for anyone new to the vaping community, as well as self-proclaimed professionals who are looking to try waxes.

If you already own a vaporizer by KandyPens, you’ll know that these are incredible pieces of kit, effortlessly blending affordability and functionality together. Simple to use and simple in its design, should you choose the KandyPen Prism, you won’t be disappointed.

Build and Vapor Quality

Build Quality

For such a low-priced unit, the KandyPen Prism is a very well built piece of kit! Coming above average compared to other wax pens in it’s price range the KandyPens Prism’s outer shell is made from medical safe grade electro plated steel, making it a more durable option when in comparison to other wax pens in its price range. Compact in size, you can take the Prism with you anywhere without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality in the KandyPens Prism vaporizer is very good for a vaporizer in this price range. The Prism comes with 2 different heating style chambers; the dual quartz with titanium coils produces more dense vapor in a shorter amount of time, while the ceramic heating chamber is more efficient for flavor delivery.

The Prism has four preset temperature settings; 320F, 350F, 390F and 430F. This caters for the preferences of every user. Using a conduction heating system you can rest assured that your vapor will be nothing but delicious!

Special Features

  • Compact design
  • 4 heat settings
  • Ceramic & Dual Quartz atomizers
  • 2 Glass Mouthpieces
  • Micro-USB and Lightning Charging
  • Awarded "Best Overall Vape Pen of 2018" by The Vape Guide

Ease Of Use

The KandyPen Prism Vaporizer is a simple device to use adn to get used to if you’re new to the vaping community. To turn on/off your device simply click the button 5 times. The four preset temperatures are identified by different colours which surround the power button.

Here at NamasteVapes Ireland we would like to recommend that you do an initial burn off to get rid of any residue left over from the manufacturing process, failing to do so will taint the quality of your vapor. To do this, turn on your device and set it to the highest temperature with no wax in it and let it run its course.

Another feature about the Prism’s functionality is the fact that you can use the device while you charge it. So if you’re on the go and using a battery pack to charge your device you can still enjoy vaping on the go!

What’s in the Box?

1 x KandyPens Prism Vaporizer

1 x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer

1 x Ceramic Coilless Atomizer

2 x Glass Mouthpieces

1 x Dual Prong Keychain Dab Tool

1 x USB Charging Cable

Dimensions 1.25 x 3 x 6"