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Lady Killer
Lady Killer

Lady Killer

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Killer Bongs NAMNBG13317
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  • Product Description

    Lady Killer

    'Soon after the first murder, the both police forces and England's criminal underworld come together in a massive hunt to track down this Lady Killer, Jack the Ripper!'

    Design of this Bong

    Lady Killer is was created and it looks a little odd but what would you expect when Killer Bongs engineered it. Instead of an ice notch the Lady Killer has a kink that's pushed back the cylinder. This is because a lot of people would want to cool their smoke down so they now are able to drop ice cubes down the tube. The kink in the tube of the Lady Killer is a truly amazing feature as there is nothing worse than trying to inhale a load of bong smoke but not being able to because of the heat. The ice cubes cools the smoke down the it passes by in the cylinder on the way to your throat. This way you are left relaxed and all chilled out and not in a horrible fit of spluttering and coughing because the smoke your inhaled was too hot. Too many times have bongs put the carb-hole on one side of their bongs. Thank god Killer Bongs are really great then because they put the hole in the middle of cylinder to allow left handed and right handed people easy access to it. There are rings attached to the tube of the bong and there was also a decrease in the girth of the bong all of which really makes the Lady Killer from Killer Bong a really stand out sort of bong. 

    So what are you waiting for? Get your Lady Killer Bong today!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Killer Bongs
    height 391mm
    joint Female
    material Acrylic
    mouthpiece Bent