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MIGRO 600 Grow Light

MIGRO 600 Grow Light
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MIGRO 600 Grow Light

The MIGRO 600 grow light is best in class for efficiency. It produces 50% less heat than equivalent HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Also it uses 40% less power than equivalent HPS. The MIGRO uses full spectrum of light for growing and flowering so it is suitable from seed to harvest.

The MIGRO 600 Grow Light maximizes the amount and the quality of the light that reaches your plants while minimizing heat and running costs. The MIGRO grow light is a high performance grow light in a flexible and affordable package for anyone who wants to become a home grower. 

Unlike other grow lights who's light sources is concentrated down the middle, the MIGRO has multiple light sources which results in an even coverage and better light penetration on your plants. Even distribution of light will result in a healthier grow and also a high yield for all the plants in your grow area.