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Mothership Waterpipe by Snoop Dogg | 13.5 inch

Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
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  • Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
  • Buy Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
  • Buy Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
  • Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
  • Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
  • Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
  • Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
  • Snoop POUNDS Mothership Ireland
  • Buy Snoop POUNDS Bong Ireland
  • Buy Snoop POUNDS Bong Ireland
  • Snoop POUNDS Bong Ireland
  • Snoop POUNDS Bong Ireland
  • Snoop Dogg Mothership Ireland
  • Snoop Dogg Mothership Ireland
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Snoop Dogg POUNDS | Mothership Bong - Ireland

This piece is the head of the fleet; the Mothership. The Mothership is the tallest water bong from Snoop Dogg’s POUNDS collection which has been designed by the legend himself. Each piece has been crafted for those smokers who want to take their favourite pastime to a new level.

Snoop Dogg Mothership - Design

Standing proudly at 13.5” inches (34.5cm) tall the Mothership bong has an eye-catching appearance helped by its chunky 5mm thick glass. High-quality borosilicate glass was chosen for the construction of this bong as it is renowned for its ability to withstand high temperatures without stressing and its durability. The straight design of the bong gives it great stability and makes it easy to use from a seated position without having to hunch over it. A vertical, fixed downstem provides you with a perfect view of the male bowl so you can be sure you’ve used up every last bit of your sticky-icky.

Snoop Dogg Mothership - Water-cooling

In the lowest chamber of the Mothership the smoke is broken down into hundreds of little water-cooled bubbles as it passes through the perforated diffuser. This isn’t just to look cool, it’s there so you can enjoy your flavour of your herbs for longer without as much harshness on your throat and lungs. It doesn’t end there though as the smoke then enters the upper chamber it’s processed even further to make your hits even smoother than you can imagine.

Snoop Dogg Mothership - Percolation

Negative pressure pulls the smoke upwards through the domed, double stacked, UFO percolator. Smoke filled bubbles then cascade throughout the water before reaching the surface and bursting at the base of the Mothership neck. This keeps the terpenes of your herbs trapped in until the last moments so you can appreciate the full palate of flavours. A 3 tier stacked design acts as a splash guard when you’re taking those hotbox sized hits, so you don’t have to worry about how hard you hit it.

Snoop POUNDS Mothership - Presentation

The Mothership is a stunning piece that is a perfect addition to any smokers glass collection. 4 colours are on offer to choose from which are featured on the rimmed mouthpiece, male bowl handle, Snoop POUNDS decal and the marble on the lower chamber. Everything is packaged in a well-presented box with a magnetic clasp making it perfect for transporting, storing or gifting.

We’re certain that once you’ve smoked from the Mothership and experienced the new heights it can take you to, you’ll never want to come back to earth.

Technical Specification

Manufacturer: Famous Brandz
Bong Type: Percolator

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Wall Thickness: 5mm

Height: 34.5cm

Base Diameter: 12cm

Mouthpiece Diameter: 45mm
Joint Size: 14.5mm

Joint Angle: 90°

Joint Type: Female

Downstem Joint Size
: Fixed Inline Diffuser
Bowl Joint Size
: 14.5mm
: Inline Diffuser & UFO Percolator
Ice Notches: No
Carb Hole
: No
: Bowl