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Nut n Bolt Pipe IE
Nut n Bolt Pipe
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Nut n Bolt Pipe

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  • Product Description

    Nut n Bolt Pipe

    The Nut n Bolt Pipe is a great pipe for those of you out there looking for a discreet, compact way to smoke your herbs. It's small enough to fit in your palm but can deliver a serious hit. The Nut ‘N Bolt Pipe is an unusual and striking piece with an industrial, homemade design. It features a pinched mouthpiece and straight air path for a straightforward and smooth smoking experience.

    Industrial Style

    Its unique steampunk like design gives the feeling that it has been stitched together with nuts and bolts from a toolbox. The whole pipe can be broken down into 4 separate pieces to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.The Nut ‘N Bolt Pipe is made completely of metal and brass, which gives it a comfortable heft and ensures a cool, untainted hit every time. It really does look like it was improvised out of spares from an old toolbox

    Full Metal Construction

    This pipe is made entirely out of metal, which gives it a solid, quality heft, while also offering a cool, smooth hit with no plastic aftertaste. A solid metal construction means this pipe will last you a lifetime if treated correctly. Choose from 2 colors in the drop-down menu. This highly impressive piece is fully separable into four pieces, meaning you can neatly and discreetly pack it away. It is quick to pack and use, and incredibly easy to clean and maintain.