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Precision Hydratube for Vapexhale Cloud Evo
Precision Hydratube for Vapexhale Cloud Evo
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Precision Hydratube for Vapexhale Cloud Evo

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VapeXhale NAMNVA427663-01
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In a Nutshell
  • Eye catching design
  • High-quality glass
  • Hand made artisan pieces
  • Three different options

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  • Product Description

    Precision Hydratube for Vapexhale Cloud Evo

    VapeXhale have created 3 stunning glass pieces to bring you the smoothest vaping sessions possible from your Cloud Evo vaporizer. 

    Each of the HydraTubes comes with a different style of percolation and filtration chosen specifically to optimize cooling and flavor. Using borosiclicate glass artisan glassblowers have masterfully handcrafted each piece for a tough, high-quality finish. Every stage of the HydraTube has been carefully thought through from the 38mm flush fit to form an airtight fit to the flared mouthpiece for a low draw resistance. 

    VapeXhale wanted their customer to be able to experience smoother vaping sessions without sacrificing flavor and the HydraTubes do just that. Don’t worry, you can use these with other vaporizers too with the adapter kit (sold separately) which will fit most common joint sizes.

    The Precision Honeycomb HydraTube comes loaded with 2 stages of percolation to ensure you spread the vapor across the widest area possible. Inside is a gridded barrel percolator which the vapor filled water passes through. As it does so the design causes the water to split into loads of tiny little bubbles, widening the overall surface area of the vapor. For some water-coolers this would be enough, but VapeXhale has added a second stage of percolation as it rises through the honeycomb percolator. A closely knitted series of holes split the water down even further as the water thrashes through the tiny openings. Drawing on the Precision Honeycomb HydraTube takes little effort and the reduced temperature of the vapor makes it perfect for cautious newcomers not wanting to experience discomfort in their throat and lungs.The second HydraTube available is the Precision HydraBomb. A grenade like percolator has been placed at the center of the HydraTube giving the piece an intriguing appearance. When in use the vapor filled water bubbles give a pleasing display as they crash against the walls of the HydraTube before bursting to release the smooth flavors within. The multiple pathways given by the percolator not only helps to to break the vapor down as much as possible but this also lowers the amount of lung power needed to pull on the HydraTube. Of all 3 HydraTubes available for the Cloud Evo, this has the least draw resistance making it ideal for people new to the vaping world. The third HydraTube to choose from is the Precision Turbine HydraTube. The turbine percolator is especially pleasing to watch as the water forms a cyclone whilst the vapor is swirled and cooled by the gridded barrel. As the vapor enters the water, the surrounding water rapidly drops the temperature which causes a lot of people to cough when taking bigger hits. Drawing the vapor through the HydraTube takes the minimal of lung power so even new vapers will be able to create thick clouds of vapor with ease. You’ll be surprised by how much more the flavor is improved with the addition of the turbine water-cooling. 

    A sandblasted frosted logo is featured on the body of each of the HydraTubes giving them a sleek finish. Choose your favorite option from the drop-down menu.

    • Technical Specifications
      brand VapeXhale
      diameter 60mm base/38mm tube
      glass thichness 3.2mm
      height 195mm
      joint Female
      joint size 14mm
      material Glass
      mouthpiece Glass
      percolator Yes