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Rasta Steam Roller Glass Pipe Mini
Rasta Steam Roller Glass Pipe

Rasta Steam Roller Glass Pipe

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Roor NAMNPI14810
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  • Product Description

    RooR Rasta Steam Roller Pipe

    This is a deluxe mini RooR Rasta Steam Roller Pipe, offering perfect portability and superb functionality. The pipe is tiny but highly effective, combining superb design with the RooR trademark of producing glassware to fantastic standards. Its striking RooR logo is rendered in rasta colours for true herb fans Note: Available in Mini, Small, Medium, Large. See dropdown for availability.

    RooR Rasta Steam Roller Pipe Features

    • RooR Quality Glass
    • Outstanding Portability
    • Comes In A Range of Sizes
    • Steam Roller Pipe  

    RooR Glass

    Based in Germany RooR are the last word in glass quality in the dry herb scene. Every bong fan is aware of the sheer quality that every RooR waterpipe is built to. However very few are aware that they construct herb pipes to just as high of a standard. This pipe is proof of the high quality that every RooR piece is made to. Their glass quality is second to none crafted by expert glass blowers with decades of experience.

    Fantastic Portability

    This piece is the last word in portability. The RooR Rasta Steam Roller Pipe is scarcely bigger than a cigarette and can fit in any pocket or bag. This will allow you to enjoy a quick, discreet, and quality RooR smoking experience. When it comes to having a good portable steam roller pipe you have to consider more than just size, the quality and resilience of your glass is just as important. You have to make sure that your pipe can stand up to the day-to-day rigors of a dry herb fan.

    A Steam Roller Available In A Variety of Sizes

    This great Rasta Steam Roller Pipe Features from RooR comes in a variety of sizes to serve any need. They are available in mini, small, medium, or large sizes. This means that you can choose the size that fits you ideally. If you want a smaller, quicker hit with a less heady effect then you can check out the mini or small pipe. If you want a bigger hit with a more intense hit then you should check out a bigger steam roller pipe, like the large size. Steam Roller Pipe Steam roller pipes are generally made from glass and its design consists of openings at both ends, having the bowl on one end of the opening which gives the steamroller the looks of an old fashioned train. With the bowl still placed over one opening, you place your dry herbs in the bowl and while having your hand over the pipe opening near the bowl, you inhale a smooth vapor after you must have lit the herb in the chamber. After this you can now repeat the steps over again till you get satisfaction. Steam roller pipes are a efficient and quick way to enjoy dry herb easily and are a must have for any dry herb fan.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Roor
    joint Female
    length 91mm, 181mm, 241mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Straight