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Retro Glass Spoon Pipe Swirl Bowl White & Black
Retro Glass Spoon Pipe Swirl Bowl

Retro Glass Spoon Pipe Swirl Bowl

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G-Spot NAMNPI12351
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  • Product Description

    Retro Glass Spoon Pipe by G Spot 

    Sleek, stylish, sexy and all other complimentary words can just about describe the craftsmanship of this Retro Spoon Pipe by G Spot !

    We love glass pipes here and we are actually quite a big fan of G Spot, they offer so many colourful designs and shapes. This one hit a heart chord straight away, it smacks us in the face with its uniqueness. With this pipe not only do you get a unique handmade pipe, your genuinely get a unique pipe shape. 

    Retro Pipe Design

    This pipe offers a really large bowl and in response a nice large carb too. It leads into something that for new modern day tokers can be a rare sight for a glass spoon pipes. A narrowing stem down to the mouth hole. It starts with a trippy simply coloured design at the top, unique to every pipe that moves down to a gradient blue. This pipe is a must have for any collector.

    What the Retro Glass Spoon Pipe by G Spot features

    • Large Bowl
    • Complex and unique handmade design
    • Easy to use large carb hole for great control over air flow.
    • Strong hear resistant  Borosilicate glass

    Made from durable Borosilicate glass, this piece will hold its own in company, the mixture of tinted blue/green, with a white and black switchback on the end, ensure it will stand out in any glass collection.