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Rocketship Bong by Snoop Dogg | POUNDS
Rocketship Bong by Snoop Dogg | POUNDS
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Rocketship Bong by Snoop Dogg | POUNDS

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  • Product Description

    Snoop Dogg POUNDS | Rocketship Bong - Ireland

    5, 4 ,3, 2, 1…. Blast off! The Rocketship water pipe from Snoop Dogg’s self-designed POUNDS collection will get you higher than the moon. It’s built on a classic design with little additions such as the tapered neck which make this a piece for all those connoisseurs out there.


    Snoop Dogg Rocketship - Design

    Standing at 29cm (11.5 inches) tall this quality smoking piece is a beautiful addition to any glass collection. A clean, chunky profile to the bong is given from the high-quality borosilicate glass which has been used in the glassblowing process. This not only gives it superb heat-resistance, protecting it from any stress, but also makes it resilient to any potential knock and bumps it make come into contact with on its journeys. You’ll be able to feel the quality due to the weight of the bong and 5mm thickness of the body. The whole piece is supported by a thick cut, circular base.

    Snoop POUNDS Rocketship - Diffusion

    Included with the Rocketship bong is at 14.5mm bowl a coloured handle to match with the accents on your bong. Snoop didn’t want to limit people though and that’s why the joint supplied is 18.8mm with a 14.5mm inside cut, so you use bigger male bowls for those extra large hits! Once the smoke has traveled through the down-stem, surrounded by water, it meets the diffuser which forces the smoke to break into different pathways before rising through the water in a bubble. This diffusion spreads the smoke over a wider surface area, removing the harshness and heat, so you can inhale some extreme hits without coughing and spluttering afterward.

    Snoop Dogg Rocketship - Cooling

    The cooling doesn’t end there though. Above the water level are 3 ice pinches so you can load up the neck with ice cubes which the smoke then has to traverse on it’s way to your lips. The added bonus of this also is that when the bowl is removed to quickly clear the bowl, any water that thrashes upwards won’t be able to make it past the ice. The smooth, easy on the lung hits you’ll get from the Rocketship means you can savour the flavor of your herbs for longer.

    Rocketship Bong - Customization

    Everyone has their own style and you can express yours with a choice of 4 colours to choose from in the drop-down menu. The colours are small flares on the neck, bowl and the POUNDS logo featured on the body. No doubt you’re going to want to look after your Spaceship and this hasn’t been overlooked in the design. The downstem can be fully removed for cleaning and with the help of a brush and some isopropyl alcohol, you can have your bong looking brand new in a matter of minutes.

    Each of Snoop’s Rocketships come well presented in a decorative box which is perfect for gifting, storage, and transportation.