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Custom Little Sista Ice Bong 18.8mm Woodgrain Logo Series
ROOR Limited Edition Mr Nice Bong
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ROOR Limited Edition Mr Nice Bong

Roor NAMNBG14796
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  • Showerhead diffuser
  • Crown Bowl and Mouthpiece
  • 18.8mm Female joint

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  • Product Description

    The Mr. Nice bong is maybe one of the greatest collaborative mash ups we’ve ever heard of. Martin Birzle of Roor as well as the amazing Howard “Mr Nice” Marks, the infamous counter-culture icon. We knew they were friends, especially since they’ve both come out in the spot light a couple of times, but we never expected them to come out with something like this. Now the long friendship has come up with a very special bong based on the old classic Roor Icemaster 5.0 bong. This piece however, the Mr Nice bong, also features a crown mouthpiece, crown-topped bowl slide, coloured ice notches, engraved serial number and an exclusive certificate of authenticity from Roor. How else could you prove such a magical piece exists. Roor was founded all the way back in1980’s so they’ve had a lot of experience in the industry in making sure they’ve got some of the best bongs out there. The company is German and it was started by a glassblower named Martin Birzle and since then Roor has stood as one of the epitomes of just quality scientific glass construction.

    Also, when we say this bong is limited edition, we want to emphasize the word limited. Only 333 of these bongs were ever produced and each one was emblazened with a serial number so you know where it stands within the run. If you’re a fan of Howard Marks, or just really want one of the more special pieces Roor has ever come up with, then you don’t exactly have long to make sure you pick this up. We cannot stress this enough. This is limited edition with only a few in the world and we don’t even have them all so if you miss this chance, god knows when you’ll have another.

    What you’re getting with this bong is a straight-styled tube made from 5mm thick German scientific glass. That thickness, combined with one of Roor’s trademark wide bases make this an incredibly sturdy bong that’ll span the abuse of repeated sessions. You’re also getting ice notches far down the tube so that you can really pack quite a few cubes down if you so wanted in order to get the maximum amount of cooling. The downstem is also incredibly long, given the smoke plenty of time to travel down, cooling it even further and, with a well-diffused downstem, your smoke is going to get pressured into the water, letting it filter easier.

    They’ve really gone all out when it comes to packaging this bong because they’re giving you so much. With the Mr Nice bong you’re also getting some very handy glass stash jars as well as glass filling tools, just to make your smoking time that much easier. The entire bong is decorated with black and grey decals for just that extra sense of aesthetic beauty. This bong isn’t just a smoking piece. It’s a fashion statement.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Roor
    diffuser Holes
    extra Includes Poker
    glass thichness 5mm
    height 441mm
    joint Female
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Straight