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Saxo Triple Recycler Bong Ireland
Saxo Triple Recycler Bong
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Saxo Triple Recycler Bong

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Grace Glass NAMNBG15003
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In a Nutshell
  • Triple recyclers
  • Faberge egg body
  • Inline perc

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  • Product Description

    Grace Glass - Saxo Triple Recycler Bong

    This Saxo Triple Recycler Bong brought to us from Grace Glass is a sleek, high quality, highly functional, glass bong that has a number of brilliant features. The Saxo Triple Recycler Bong from Grace Glass has a very stylish design which shows of the quality of this piece magnificently and although it may look frail, this piece is more sturdy than it appears. This is one of those glass bongs that encapsulates the massive standards that the Grace Glass glassblowers have set on both quality and functionality. It also convinces us that glassblowers are really and truly masters of their art!

    This Saxo Triple Recycler Bong has an intricate finish and it offers unrivalled premium percolation for a bong of it's size and once you have one you in your hands, you will just sit back and wonder why you never got one sooner than this. This Saxo Triple Recyler Bong comes equipped with a 14.4mm female joint which attaches to a fixed downstem which then flows into an inline percolator located in the base of the bong with 4 slits. Once the smoke passes through these slits it begins to break down into smaller particles and bubbles progress through the lower half of a faberge egg body. This entire process works to massively cool down the smoke thanks to the massive surface area. As the smoke then travels to the top of this Grace Glass piece, it is guided into one of three adjoining tubes which each feed up into their own recycler. The recycler then pulls every last drop of water out of the air before allowing the smoke to finally rejoin the main path and flow delicately into your mouth in a clean, cool and refreshing cloud.

  • Technical Specifications
    diffuser Yes
    downstem length N/A
    ice notch No
    includes Bowl
    joint Female
    joint angle 90 degrees
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Borosilicate Glass
    percolator Yes