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Silver Surfer Vaporiser Silver Namaste Ireland
Silver Surfer Vaporizer
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Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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7th Floor NAMNVP17659
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  • Product Description


    Please Note: This is the 220V International Version of the Silver Surfer. No need for an expensive converter it is ready to go with your warranty in tact.

    Please Note: Due to high demand, color selection cannot be guaranteed on Silver Surfers. You will receive either a black or silver unit.

     Silver Surfer | NamasteVapes IE

    The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is one of the distinguished leaders of the vaporizer community and for great reason. This top-of-the-line whip-style vaporizer is made in Colorado Springs, USA from high quality components by manufacturer 7th Floor. The SSV has a wealth of options to customize your vaping experience. Users can select from a wide variety of designs, colors and heating cover possibilities. The Silver Surfer utilizes a unique reverse 90 degree angle design (prevents your blend from falling out of the wand) and the force of gravity to effectively vaporize your favorite aromatic blend. NamasteVapes sells the Silver Surfer with the complimentary hands-free ground glass wand upgrade. The ground glass connection that allows the user to vaporize without holding the whip in place, providing a true hands free experience. Unlike the glass found on most other Vaporizers, 7th Floor hand blows all their glass pieces to ensure only the highest quality components. There are also numerous DLX editions available ranging from a DLX 14mm Water Tool Bundle to a DLX+ 18mm Water Tool Bundle.

    Silver Surfer Vaporizers feature a custom glass knob and heater cover that are colorful and completely unique.The Silver Surfer Vaporizer's heating element is completely encased in ceramic and removed from the electronics so as not to emit any form of toxin which often occurs with less expensive metal heating elements. The Silver Surfer also features an indicator light that brightens and dims as you adjust the temperature. Each unit includes a Padded Travel Case that makes transportation of your Vaporizer simple and easy. The Silver Surfer Vaporizer also comes with a complete 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.



    Ground Glass

    Use of a ground glass connection permits ‘hands-free’ vaporization; this means you can rest the wand on the heating element and inhale at your leisure. The wand and heater cover fit perfectly to create a seal so no vapor is lost in the inhalation process. Hands-free operation does, however, necessitate regular stirring in order to achieve even vaporization of the material.


    How Silver Surfer Works

    Simply turn on the vaporizer and adjust the temperature knob to your desired setting. We recommend setting the dial at 2 o’clock. While the Silver Surfer is heating up, place your finely ground material into the end of the wand and attaching that to the heater cover.


    How to Clean and Maintain your Silver Surfer

    In order to ensure that your SSV functions at its optimal level, regular cleaning is highly recommended. The stainless steel screens and silicone tubing should be replaced roughly every 3 months depending on frequency of use.




    • 1 x Silver Surfer Vaporizer (220V International Version)
    • 1 x Padded Carrying Case
    • 1 x Glass Marble Stirring Tool
    • 3 x Replacement Screens
    • 1 x Hands-Free Ground Glass Wand
    • 1 x 3 ft. of Vapor Tubing
    • 1 x Clear Glass Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
    • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (7th Floor requests that customers contact them directly for any warranty claims. We are happy to help you along the way. Contact us for more details.)

    Why not upgrade?

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer DLX UPGRADE includes Water Tool & Whip Adapter

    This is the latest 2017 model of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer with the DLX upgrade - it includes a 14mm Glass Whip Water Tool Adapter and the NamasteVapes Water Tool to cool and moisten the vapor coming through the whip before it hits your lungs. These components have been designed for effortless but firm connection to the included whip, while being tight enough to ensure no vapor escape

    Note: This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

  • Technical Specifications
    activation Session
    attachable mouthpiece Yes
    chamber material Glass
    delivery method Whip / Tube
    delivery path material Vinyl
    designed for Dry Herb Extract (sold sep.)
    designed in Colorado
    dimensions Height: 16.5cm | Diameter: 7.8cm
    dry herb capacity 0.50 grams
    extract attachment Glass
    heating element Ceramic
    heating source A/C
    heating type Convection
    heat up time 5+ minutes
    manufactured by 7th Floor, LLC
    manufactured in Colorado
    mouthpiece material Glass
    released 10/05/17
    temperature settings Variable (Analog)
    warranties 3 year warranty for the electronics 1 month warranty for the glass
    weight 1.0 pounds