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Stash x G PEN Limited Edition
Stash x G PEN Limited Edition
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Stash x G PEN Limited Edition

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Grenco Science NAMNVP573310-01
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  • Product Description

    Stash x G PEN Limited Edition

    The Stash x G Pen Elite is the latest collaboration between Grenco Science's crowning glory, the Elite, and pop culture icons. This savage looking limited edition pairs Grenco with one of the most famous graffiti artists on the planet, Stash. Stash was born in New York in the late 60s and was considered a pioneer of graffiti art throughout the early 80s. Thanks to his partnerships with the likes of Nike, Bathing Ape and, of course, Grenco, he has brought graffiti culture to a much wider audience than ever before.

    Technical Information

    The Stash x G Pen Elite gives you the same unbeatable performance as the original Elite and just adds a bunch of style to the mix. The Elite is an evolution of everything Granco has done in the past.

    The heating chamber is all ceramic, meaning you get perfect, pure, uncontaminated flavor no matter what and the combination of convection and 360 degree conduction heating really helps make the most of your dried herbs. The chamber is huge for a device of it's size, holding up to 0.75g of material if you really pack it tight so you can have a really long session on one fill up. There is no waiting around either, you just turn it on and around 15 seconds later it's up to temp and ready to go.

    Battery Life 

    The battery will give hours of use between charges thanks to the devices efficiency and you'll never be caught out because the full LCD screen contains a battery guage to tell you exactly how much power you have left. Even when it does die, you won't be caught out because the micro USB charging lead allows you to charge it anywhere. This really is a super simple, super compact vaporizer that packs a powerful punch well above it's weight.

    What's in the Box?

    This Stash version also comes with a charging dock making it even easier to give your Elite a quick boost. The Stash x G Pen Elite kit comes with your Stash x GPen Elite vaporizer, a Stash x GPen 'stash can', a Stash x GPen Elite charging dock, a Stash G Grinder card, a cleaning tool, a G tool, a resealable bag, 2 enamel pins and 2 stickers.