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The BloomBox - Grow Box

The BloomBox - Grow Box
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  • The BloomBox - Grow Box
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  • Grow Box Ireland
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The Bloombox - Grow Box by BC Northern Lights

The BloomBox is known across the world as THE number one, premium dual chamber indoor hydroponics grow box - a bit of a mouthful, but boy is it impressive. The BloomBox is brought to us from BC Northern Lights, a Canadian company that is set on bringing us the finest quality growing materials available. From seed or clones, the BloomBox is more than capable of churning out nine flowering plants which can be harvested every 6-8 weeks. Yes, that is mouth-watering. Plus, the BloomBox is completely self contained and comes equipped with a full carbon filtered air system which ensures your crop is safe and sound from those meddlesome prying eyes. 

Grow Boxes Ireland - Features of the BloomBox

  • Veg Chamber: Capable of housing a mother plant and 12 mature clones under 125W CFL
  • Removable shelf: This is required in order to start the seeds
  • 9 Plant Flowering Chamber: Powered by an aircooled, 400W HPS lighting system with 3 feet of growing height
  • Golden Grow Power Cloner / Veg Tub: this ability enables you to grow up to 48 clones and veg 12
  • Digital Ballast: For low power consumption out of MH or HPS bulbs
  • Lumen Output: Capable of putting out more lumens of light than your plants can even absorb per square foot.
  • Four Fans: These work together to extract and filter air
  • Constant CO2: Maintained at 1600PPM
  • T-5 Upgrade
  • Internal Air Mover
  • Odor Control: Unmatched odor control using our coco carbon filter

Using the BloomBox:

The BloomBox grow box is capable of growing up to 9 plants to harvest. Now this is all dependent on your choice of strain (the type of plant you’re growing) you should expect anywhere from a half to 1 full pound of yield every 6-8 weeks.

The BloomBox is made to handle vegetation and flowering across two chambers. The left chamber is used for vegetative growth and maintaining a mother plant. The right chamber is used for either vegetative growth, (18/6 Metal Halide Bulb), or flowering, (12/12 HPS Bulb). 

It is important to keep in mind when using your BloomBox that each stage of growth requires different light cycles and wavelengths.Vegetative growth requires 18 hours of light with a blue wavelength and flowering growth requires 12 hours of light with a red wavelength.

When growing in your BloomBox your ambient room temperature should be 68-72 degrees with HID lights and 72-78 degrees with LED. Humidity is optimal at 60%-80%, 50%-60% for later vegetation and 40% for flowering. Keep in mind that these are optimal conditions and your plants will put up with a wide variance.

For more information on using the BloomBox click here

What is included with the BloomBox?

  • The BloomBox grow box
  • 3-cycle supply of silver nutrients
  • CFL and HID bulbs
  • Carbon filter odour control
  • Rockwool grow medium
  • CO2 hookup and hoses
  • Airstones
  • Air pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Golden Grow power cloner / veg tub
  • Hydro tubs
  • Hydro pot for mother plant
  • Industrial casters
  • 400 watt digital ballast
  • Grow and tech manuals
  • 365 day technical and Grow support

For more information on assembling or maintaining the BloomBox click here

Note: Do not plug the Blombox into the wall socket until it is completely assembled. Also it is important to not plug in the pumps into the top of the BloomBox unless there is water in the reservoirs.

For information on combos click here