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The Ripper
The Ripper

The Ripper

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Killer Bongs NAMNBG15596
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  • Product Description

    'Jack the Ripper in 1888 killed and ripped apart many people during his time. He nearly completely ruined the city of London and put fear in to many a hard mans heart but the ripping isn't finished just yet, thanks to the Ripper...'

    The Ripper

    The Ripper is the most uncommon looking bong and not one that could be easily copied. The glass is twisted so that the bong looks nearly ruined though there is a weird beauty to it as well. It seemed kind of wrong but also right at the same time. How the glass is twisted the way we have no idea but just be glad that it could be twisted in that way so you get to see it. People just keep amping up their bongs and how to smoke in terms of creativity and it seems like Killer Bongs are not ones to be left behind. At first you would think that the glass cylinder is only twisted so that it looks cool but no there's another reason. The glass is twisted there so that the user can put some ice cubes down the tube so when you put flame to your herb and inhale a hit from your water pipe the smoke is going to be passed through all the ice cubes so that it will be cooled down a lot by the time the smoke finally reaches your lips. This also means that you won't be coughing and/or spluttering  when you hit your bong or at least not as much than if you didn't put ice cubes in the bong. The cubes will also help filter the smoke as it passes through the ice helping to give you a healthier smoke once you inhale. The Ripper has a rather long cylinder especially when you compare it to the base of the bong. This means that when your ripping your bong you are able to bring out more smoke than you would have be able to if the tube was any shorter. Just be careful with your lungs, that they don't give up on you while you ripping this bong all night!


    The inclusion of the Ripper to the Killer Bong collection is a direct result of the huge growth in demand for the unreal acrylic bongs. A terrific name for a water pipe, The Ripper? Its a hard one to forget. The people who name bongs should follow Killer Bongs path when naming their bongs as nearly all of Killer Bongs products have an amazing name to go along with the amazing product which really helps it stand out in the modern market. I warn you though, do not wait if you want The Ripper. This is because the intense demand that comes with these types of bongs. They will fly off the shelf so get your money and buy one right now!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Killer Bongs
    height 491mm
    joint Female
    material Acrylic
    mouthpiece Straight