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The Ripper Klean Kut
The Ripper Klean Kut

The Ripper Klean Kut

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Killer Bongs NAMNBG15597
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  • Product Description

    'Jack the Ripper in 1888 murdered many a innocent person. He terrorized the city of London and truly ripped apart some people but the ripping isn't finished just yet, thanks to the Ripper...'

    The Ripper Klean Kut

    This has to the most unique bong there ever was. Twisted glass just looks so marvelous to behold. It looked so wrong but so so right at the same time. How it's made exactly we do not know were just glad we get to see thing like this being made. The creativity in the bong scene right now is incredible and Killer Bongs won't be left in the dust. The glass is twisted so that the the bong doesn't have to have an ice notch put into it. Meaning that the twisted glass is there so that you can shove a lot of ice cubes down the cylinder so that when your burn your herb and take a rip from your bong the smoke is going to be cooled down a lot by having to pass through all the ice cubes meaning that you won't cough or splutter as much when you take a hit from your bong. The ice cubes also help with the filtration part as the ice cubes help to filter the smoke making the smoke easier to inhale. While the pure length of the cylinder makes sure that bong can have a large smoke capacity meaning that the rips you take can be a lot larger than they would be with a small cylinder. You just have to hope that your lungs don't give up on you before your finished! 


    The addition to the Killer Bong range of this clear design is a clear result of the huge surge in popularity of the amazing acrylic water pipes. What a fine name for a bong as well, The Ripper Klean Kut? It really sticks in your mind no doubt. Manufacturers should think more like Killer Bongs when naming their products as an eye catching name could go along way to helping your product stick out in this crowded market. The Ripper Klean Kut just sounds like a bong name. Or a serial killer depending on what your like I guess. So get out there right now and buy The Ripper Klean Kut because judging by the demand there wont be many left for long as they are literally(figuratively) flying off the shelves!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Killer Bongs
    diameter 46mm
    height 491mm
    joint Female
    material Acrylic
    mouthpiece Straight