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Genius Pipe Top Secret

genius pipe top secret Ireland
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  • genius pipe top secret Ireland
  • genius pipe top secret Ireland
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Genius Pipe Top Secret

The Genius Pipe Top Secret is very sleek and discreet design, small enough to be placed in any pocket or bag. It also comes with a cover so its bowl can be packed and then covered so none of your smoking material falls out when on the go. The cover also prevents the smell for your smoking material to escape.

The Top Secret has a unique way of cooling your smoke as you use it. This method act as a clever filter that cools and cleans your smoke without the use of water. This filter system means that you get a purer more natural taste every time you use it, it helps make the Top Secret coughless when used, the cooler smoke means no more burned lungs or unpleasant experiences when inhaling.

The Top Secret is held together by twelve strong magnets which makes it effortless to clean. To clean it simply separate the top and the bottom and wipe it clean with a 70% alcohol wipe. The medical grade anodized finish will also help in the cleaning process.

Top Secret Special Features
  • Coughless
  • Anodized finish
  • Effortless to clean
  • Held together by magnets
  • Cools smoke without the use of water
  • Cover prevents smell from escaping