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NamasteVapes 14mm Water Tool
NamasteVapes 14mm Water Tool
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NamasteVapes 14mm Water Tool

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Grizzly Originals NAMNVA13875
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  • Product Description

    NamasteVapes 14mm Vaporizer Water Tool

    This is a custom made borosilicate glass water tool for use on your vaporizer. Water bubblers like this cool and moisten your vapor for gentle intake. The only other thing you would need is the adapter in order to connect this water tool to your vaporizer. This Water Tool goes hand in hand with Vaporizers and can be used as a 14mm Bubbler Attachment. 

    Vaporizer Bubbler Water Tool

    This Vaporizer Water Tool requires a 14mm water tool adapter which can be purchased from NamasteVapes as well. This water tool can be used with any vaporizer with a proper adapter. If you have a whip vaporizer, you will need a whip water tool adapter. 


    Vaporizer Water Pipe - Get your Adapter Here Also! 

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    • 1 x 14mm Ground Glass Water Tool