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White Logo Bong 500 Logo Series 14.5mm
White Logo Bong 500 Logo Series
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White Logo Bong 500 Logo Series

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Roor NAMNBG16055
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  • Product Description

    White Logo Bong 500 Logo Series

    Roor is back with another series of sturdy, dependable bongs that, once bought, will no doubt last you a lifetime. What we have here is the Roor White Logo 500 series which you can recognize by the crisp, white printed logo with the black outlines along the tube body. If you’re looking for a new, dependable bong that’ll deliver a fresh and well filtered hit then look no further than a sturdy Roor.

    Build Quality

    In terms of sheer quality, this bong is no different to all of the other expertly made Roor series’. With over 3.5mm in glass thickness as well as coming in at either 14.5mm or 18.5mm female connections, you really can’t knock just how easily this bong can fit into whatever smoking set up you’re rocking right now. It’s such a reliable piece as well as sturdy and wide enough at the base that you won’t be just knocking it over. This is Roor’s standard of excellence all over with only the purest, highest quality, borosilicate glass. This glass is the kind of workmanship the bong connoisseurs around the world go crazy for.

    All of this crazy quality, well thought out design and fantastic build materials all come at you for what is an incredibly affordable price, especially when you consider how much brands like these usually go for. It’s great to see an awesome name like Roor make something that just about anyone can stretch to financially and since this really is such a well made bong you know it won’t be letting you down any time soon.

    Vapor Quality

    The tube styled body creates an even dissipation of smoke throughout the inside of the bong, and when you’re ready to take your full draw the smoke is pressured towards the narrower mouthpiece, resulting in a punchier but more even hit than your standard bong. The crisp, filtered smoke you’re inevitably going to inhale is going to be of an extreme quality as well as really reflects the unrivalled functionality of the carefully measured body. The kind of smoke you’d expect from none other than Roor glass. You may have also noticed the extra long bowl and downstem which comes with the bong as standard, giving it plenty of time to travel into the tube, cooling in the process.

    Roor was founded all the way back in 1980’s so they’ve had a lot of experience in the industry in making sure they’ve got some of the best bongs out there. The company is German and it was started by a glassblower named Martin Birzle and since then Roor has stood as one of the epitomes of just quality scientific glass construction.

    What are you waiting for?

    Remember, if you’re looking for excellence and a step-up from ordinary bongs, or worse still, an endless stream of blunts, Roor is a fantastic brand to go by as each of their bongs are simple, affordable but also effective and great to hit. When looking for this fantastic piece, always remember that you’re looking for the new distinctive Roor logo with the black outlines. That’s an official Roor, not a fake, and a mark of genuine quality.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Roor
    downstem length 111mm
    glass thichness 3.2mm
    height 351mm
    joint Female
    joint size 14.5mm, 18.8mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Straight